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Course: Concrete Steps

Concrete Steps

The Concrete Steps 6 module program is an excellent way to provide broad mental health information about practical skills including:

  • Evidenced-based resources to improve and stabilise your mood.
  • Links to resources that will help optimise mental health and develop skills to feel grounded and secure.

Here’s a direct quote from one practitioner who had their client on a waitlist, but who started their online mental well-being journey with Concrete Steps:

“My client has been finding Concrete Steps really helpful to learn strategies to help manage their symptoms, and have an insight into what they’re experiencing. They are applying skills like taking an objective stance to their thoughts, worry time, and relaxation exercises. This has worked really well combined with our therapy sessions, has saved session time and helped my client have a good foundation in skills.”

Course Content

Module 1: What is mental health

Module 1 discusses the fundamental components of mental health, dispelling some of the common myths and acknowledging some of the shared challenges we all face in navigating through our own mental health journeys. Along the way, we’ll discuss why we can be optimistic in the face of hardship and struggle, and some of the ways we might begin to journey out of the valleys towards the highlands.

In particular, Module 1 covers:

  • The signs of flourishing mental health.
  • The signs and symptoms that tell us we need further support.
  • Neuroplasticity, and the hope that it offers.
  • The tools to assess how your own mental health is going.
Module 2: Unhelpful Thinking Styles

Module 2 delves into some of the ways our thoughts can impact our mental health. Along the way, we’ll discuss some of the common unhelpful thinking styles we all unknowingly adopt, and some examples of how they may cause us distress. This module is highly practical, giving you the skills to start making changes to your own thoughts.

In particular, Module 2 discusses:

  • The mediating role of our thoughts in our experience of distress (CBT model).
  • How to distinguish between our thoughts and feelings.
  • How to distinguish between facts and opinions in our thoughts.
  • How to recognise patterns of unhelpful thinking.
  • How to practice patterns of more helpful thinking.
Module 3: Self Care Sleep and Eating

Module 3 discussed the importance of good sleep and eating practices for flourishing mental health. Along the way, you’ll learn about some of the benefits of good sleep as some strategies you can implement to get it.

Specifically, this module covers:

  • What good sleep looks like and why it’s important.
  • The role of the circadian rhythm.
  • Strategies to improve our sleep (ASLEEP acronym).
  • Understanding cravings and behaviour around food.
  • The role of mindful eating in attuning ourselves to our body.
Module 4: Self Care Behavioural Activation

Module 4 looks at the role of passivity in exacerbating periods of low mood, low motivation and depression. Further, you will learn about activity scheduling and how we can harness it to take step towards rediscovering energy, enjoyment, and satisfaction in our daily lives.

Specifically, this module covers:

  • The signs and symptoms of the downward spiral of depression.
  • The roles of motivation and behaviour in understanding our mood.
  • The role of passive and active activities in exacerbating or reducing our low mood.
  • Strategies for starting your journey in halting the downward spiral.
Module 5: Anxiety Management

Module 5 looks at the why and what of anxiety, exploring the helpful and unhelpful aspect of our fight/flight/freeze system. Along the way, you will learn about strategies to help alleviate these symptoms and begin your journey of unlearning your anxiety.

More specifically, this module discusses:

  • The difference between fear and anxiety.
  • What anxiety looks like and why our body feels it.
  • The role of avoidance in maintaining our anxiety.
  • The strategies we can use to minimise and overcome our anxiety.
Module 6: Mindfulness

Module 6 focuses in on the concept of mindfulness and its role in grounding us within the present. Along the way, you’ll develop your knowledge of how to spend more time in the present, really living, rather than in rumination about the past and worry for the future.

More specifically, this module discusses:

  • The benefits of mindfulness strategies.
  • The strategies of mindfulness: observation, description and participation.
  • Ways of compiling the concrete steps material into your own mental-health toolkit.

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